A blog filled with light

A graphics design journal filled with light

Hello people, my name is Fotini and I welcome you to my blog. What kind of name is Fotini anyway? Well, it’s from the Greek root word “ΦΩΣ” which means light / bright.

As you might have read in my about page I am a graphics designer for 14 years, and this blog  will be about visual communication.  My intentions are to write about the real-life, the challenges and case studies from a prospective of a graphic designer who works in Greece. I will also be sharing heaps of information about how to communicate your business visually and tips for new graphic designers.

In my personal life, I am a woman of a few words, but when it comes to educating and explaining stuff to my clients, I am not at all in a loss for words. Furthermore, I am a good verbal communicator when I want to, but I am not a writer, so I write in plain English which is a second language to me.  

If you would like to follow a creative with a different cultural background that speaks from the heart, then welcome to my tribe. 

Looking forward to your responses and to hearing your stories and challenges.

Much love Fotini.

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