About us


We're Orama Plus Graphics

We create for good. We develop partnerships, people, businesses, and our community.

We have a strong vision (órama), that drives our passion which is to develop aspiring people. Helping them succeed professionally through the power of visual communication.

Working with us is experiencing our willingness and professionalism, that reaches the highest standards of excellence in our field. Our designers and all our external partners, share the same business philosophy: “we create for good”.

A philosophy that is all about the development of relationships of trust, belief, and improvement of the capabilities of every person, every business and every good idea.

Every member of our team loves what they do, and they have fun doing it. We rely on each other’s abilities, and together we build strong businesses, all for our great vision.

We are experienced, creative, and our objective is… the smile of achievement.

With a profound understanding of the power of visual communication. We are well known in our area for promoting people and businesses successfully. 
Through amazing visual elements that are combined with targeted social messages, we boldly promote or discreetly point to the values and philosophy of every business. All of our creations are in complete harmony with the brands and collectively contribute in the processes of building a strong brand voice for every client.

What distinguishes us?

Our empathy for our client and every distinct group of recipients the brand targets, is the key factor that distinguishes us from other agencies.
We are sold first on the idea, then we design. This allows us to create with integrity for good and community well-being. Without exaggerating our service and talents, and without making hollow promises, we build business profiles and public images, one graphic at a time. 
This is after all the great challenge that makes our work exciting and invigorates our creativity!

Our órama (vision)

We envision Greece, as a forthcoming force in entrepreneurship rankings. Overflowing with innovative and healthy businesses. Youths who are informed about the latest market and marketing trends, who have goals, visions and action plans, so that -regardless of budget – our role is and will be to help to implement their innovations. Rest assured, that we will not stop striving for this vision, as we find ourselves educating our clients through collaboration and by providing valuable services at tailor made prices. 

But, the decisions concerning the future should be made today. How we act in the present determines our future. It is our obligation to make our best effort; we need more than empty words. Progress requires effort and knowledge.

Do not leave your business to chance. We are friendly, creative, generous, and approachable. Take advantage of our experience and our clever ideas today. We undertake projects from all over Greece and abroad of all sizes. 

Let the wind of change in, give us a chance to amaze you!


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