14 years of design + 1000s designs later

we will exceed your expectations

Orama Plus Graphics was founded by senior graphics designer Fotini Theodosiou with the purpose of offering affordable yet high-quality creative services. Eventually, a solopreneur business morphed into a small creative team of diverse talents, disciplines, and skills.

Our goal is to give every business access to seamless, high-quality graphic design and digital marketing services in a fast-changing online world. Responsibly we design diverse visual content that helps elevate businesses, impacts communities, and promotes environmental awareness.

We are creative, professional, informed, and avid market researchers. Through the power of visual communication, we build brands one design at a time by using the best graphic design practices for each medium.

The effort behind our every design process can’t be estimated, nor can it be valued monetarily for the most part. Design is a process and results do take time. For this reason, we seek long-term contract partnerships with like-minded people that understand and respect the creative process, and share our “Orama” for mutual business growth.

If you identify with our ideal customer profile, we will give you our all and help you identify and communicate what is truly unique about your brand by listening with genuine interest. We will then use this knowledge to design everything from your logo, your digital marketing campaigns and print materials, to your posts on your social media business page.

We serve clients all over the world and have been working remotely seamlessly for over 10 years, so if your business philosophy matches ours, contact us today.