About us

Orama etymology: From Ancient Greek ὅρᾱμᾰ (hórāma, “vision”, sight”, “spectacle”)

Suffix -orama: Used to form, from one noun, a second meaning “wide view of” the first.

15 years of design + 1000's of designs later

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Orama Plus Creative Services is your premier graphic design studio delivering high-quality services to clients worldwide. Situated on the beautiful island of Rhodes, Greece, we offer versatile B2B graphic design and digital solutions at competitive rates.
Our mission is to provide impeccable graphic design and digital marketing services, perfectly aligned with the dynamic online landscape. We are dedicated to creating diverse visual content that not only boosts businesses, but also leaves a positive impact on communities and promotes environmental consciousness.
The founder of the company Fotini Theodosiou is a Senior Graphic Designer with 15 years of hands-on design experience. Her journey began with a decade of valuable experience  in deluxe resort hotels on Rhodes Island, making her an ideal collaborator for ventures in the hospitality sector.
Over the years, Fotini has forged strong partnerships with like-minded professionals, forming a remarkable team capable of tackling creative challenges of all scales.
We aren’t just graphic designers; we’re creatives with profound empathy for businesses striving to stand out. We’re industry insiders and avid researchers of market trends and the latest technologies, fuelled with passion for our craft. With each visual communication project we aim to build brands one design at a time, using the most effective graphic design techniques for every digital platform and commercial print.
We understand that the value of design transcends mere monetary metrics. Brand building is a meticulous, time-intensive process and its results demand patience. That’s why we seek enduring partnerships with brands that share our enthusiasm for mutual business growth and not just one-off projects.
If you resonate with our vision we’re here to help you uncover and convey the unique essence of your brand. We’ll attentively listen and design everything, from your logo and digital marketing campaigns to print materials and social media content.
With 15 years of remote work experience, we seamlessly serve clients around the globe.