If you are...

A small to medium size business with a limited budget who is looking for a creative multitasker. 

PR agency looking to onboard a  trustworthy visual communicator short term for a specific job, a day, a week or by contract. 

Marketing agency that needs to source out social media management accounts or other digital design jobs. 

A web design company and you are looking for a graphic design partner.

Your business is in the hospitality field, and you need a creative partner with a background in in the hospitality field. 

A printing company that is looking for a knowledgeable partner in Europe through which you can expand your business services. 

Hotel and restaurant supplier looking to expand to the European market.  

You have a great service or product and you are looking for an elite company representative with excellent knowledge of the Greek market & digital marketing.

Chances are that we are a perfect match.
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Fotini Theodosiou Graphic Designer

Hello and welcome to Orama Plus Creative Services.

My name is Fotini Theodosiou, and I help brands emerge on all digital platforms. I make sure they stand out from their competition, help them engage with each targeted social group differently, with a more organic and emotional approach through the art of visual communication. In one sentence, I make your business look good. 

My professional title is “Graphic Designer,” but I feel this term dramatically limits the range of my knowledge, services, and capabilities. 

I have been serving customers in Greece and abroad and as a freelancer for the past 14 years. Location is a variable, but most of my clients have similar challenges that I truly understand, and my heart reaches out to everyone. Today, consumer attention spans are short and time-constrained. The competition is wild. How do you even keep up with all the digital platforms? 

There are so many overly priced elite marketing companies. DIY apps like Canva, many professionals are offering roadmaps, books, lessons, premade digital content lists, and much more. You spend and spend. However, you still have to do all the work, and you still have a business to run. 

If you are looking for a creative collaborator in a situation that meets one of the above client profiles, chances are we can work very well together. 

I am not big on words when it comes to myself, neither am I trying to convince anybody of anything, but I would love to show you!

Contact me about availability. I am easily accessible and have a working system that will eliminate any long-distance concerns. If you wish, we can work together in real-time through AnyDesk app anytime that is good for you.