Logo Refresh Service

Is your logo outdated?

Don't settle for an outdated logo. Revitalize your brand.

Your logo is the face of your brand, the first impression you make on potential customers. But like any face, it needs refreshing from time to time to keep up with the changing times and evolving tastes. Here’s why you should consider our Logo Refresh Service:

Is your logo leaving you feeling a bit...underwhelmed?

At Orama Plus Graphics we help businesses struggling with logos that simply don’t keep up with the times. Design trends evolve, and what seemed cutting-edge years ago might now look dated. Worse, a logo that’s difficult to read – even at small sizes – fails to make a strong impression. If your business has evolved or changed direction, an outdated logo might not accurately reflect who you are now. And in today’s world, your logo needs to work seamlessly everywhere, from websites to merchandise. If any of this sounds familiar, it might be time for a refresh!

Why Our Logo Refresh Service is the Solution:

We understand that your logo is more than just an image – it’s the heart of your brand identity. That’s why our logo refresh service focuses on revitalizing your existing logo with care and sensitivity. We’ll preserve the essence of your brand while giving it a modern, polished look that boosts recognition and resonates with your audience. This revitalization makes your logo more versatile so it works seamlessly across all platforms, expanding your reach. It’s a smart, cost-effective way to upgrade your brand image without the need for a complete overhaul.

Logo Refresh Service

Starting Price
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  • 3 New Versions of Your Logo (minimum)
  • 3 Revisions
  • Scalable Vector Files
  • SVG & Favicon
  • Social Media Profile Logo Versions
  • Transparent Logo Version
  • Logo Versions for both Dark & Light Backgrounds

Please note:

The estimated pricing mentioned above serves as a guideline to offer insight into our services. We recognize that each business is distinct, with varying needs. Hence, we provide adaptable solutions and personalized packages, ensuring our services align with your specific requirements and budget.

Whether you’re launching a new venture and need a compelling brand identity or you’re an established enterprise aiming to revitalize your logo, our commitment remains unwavering: to deliver outstanding value at a rate that suits you.


Reach out to us today to initiate a conversation about your logo refresh aspirations.